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In an age where the welfare of the environment is a key element in the formation of our national policies and the way that we live, saving on electrical costs as we transition from an industrial economy to an information economy is vital. While we all rely on electricity to power our lives and the devices that we love, we need to take more control.

Here at McCormick Concepts, we strongly believe that smart home automation is the way of the future. By automating as many areas of the home as possible and taking control, it is possible to live in an environment that not only meets one’s needs, but also saves power and money.

Integrating Everything in Your Home

Imagine the following scenario for a moment: You’ve been at work all day, but your home automation system programs have been active and have saved you money by turning off lights and only turning on the air conditioning an hour before you get home so that the lounge room is nice and comfortable for you.

After getting home, you can reach for your iPad and check on the amount of power that has been generated from your solar panels through a customised home automation application. You can then switch to a home entertainment module and automatically turn on your wireless surround sound system. After doing this, you can simply choose an automatically generated playlist to listen to on the Spotify online service that is hooked up via NBN to your home.

Once you’ve had your dinner and have settled in for the night, you see that your PC server has been switched on and is scanning the database for new media files. Once more, you grab your iPad from the comfort of your armchair and simply choose a movie to watch from the connected database.

Why Home Automation Makes Perfect Sense

Smart home automation is our passion and we live it day to day, but we also strongly believe that it is the way of the future. Electricity isn’t getting any cheaper, and as broadband speeds increase through the rollout of the NBN in this country, it is inevitable that people will use more and more on-demand online streaming services to listen to music and watch movies and TV.

Smart home automation takes advantage of these new technologies by integrating them seamlessly with the way you live. In fact, we’d go so far as to suggest that a smartly automated home even enhances your life and provides more choices!

You’ll not only be able to stream online media services to your TV easily, but will also be able to control your motorised blinds, the lighting in every room, your security system, and your heating and air conditioning. In fact, everything that we integrate with our customisable application can be controlled from either an intuitive control pad on the wall, or from your tablet or smartphone through a connected application.

We think all of this is pretty exciting and we’d love to share our vision of the future with you and what we can do to bring it into your home.