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Picture this:

It’s nearly dinner time. You’re frantically trying to get tea ready and onto the table because you’ve got to get out to an appointment shortly thereafter. You’ve had a hectic day and, although you’re doing your best to stay calm and focused, underneath you’re feeling a little bit frazzled. Then comes that call from the other room…” where’s the remote for…”

You simply don’t have time to go searching for it. You’re busy and let’s be honest, it could be anywhere! And there are umpteen remotes in the house to get confused with anyhow…….

We know your story. It’s horribly familiar and just shouts ‘family life’.

What you need is one control for the whole house. And that’s exactly what a universal remote is.

Smart home controls are becoming more and more popular, for the simple reason that they’re easy. They take that unnecessary stress out of life. A universal remote replaces all those individual remotes and can combine them into one, central unit. That’s right! One remote for the heater, air conditioner, iPad and iPhone applications, TV and audio system, lights, security system… the list goes on and on. Basically, it can cover pretty much anything in your home that needs a remote, and more!

And they’re simple to use.

From this remote, you can control your home energy consumption by turning off zones in the house that aren’t in use. It takes the hard work out of trying to cut down those everyday running expenses that are a constant drag on your finances.

Got a friend coming over for a cuppa?? The universal remote gives you entire control over your automated security system – with the touch of a screen you can open your front gates, unlock the front door and let them in, even if you can’t get to there to welcome them right at that moment. It’s so simple, so convenient and so practical!

Time the children were asleep? Using your smart home controls you can decide when it’s bedtime – with the tap of a screen it’s ‘lights out’!

A universal remote is a simple way to control your entire home. From the front gate to the landscape lighting, it covers every area of your property and combines it into one easy-to-use, convenient and flexible system.

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