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No matter your budget, you and your family can enjoy enhanced security and safety thanks to smart alarm and surveillance packages. At McCormick Concepts, we offer enhanced monitoring, as well as the latest improved access solutions. Let’s take a look at these latest trends.

A smart lock is the most important component of your smart home security system. Not only does it let you enter and leave as you please, it also monitors and records who is coming and going while you’re away. Some models will allow you to use your phone or your voice to lock and unlock doors. Others let you assign restricted access to family, friends or maintenance staff.

It’s possible to fully integrate your smart locks into your smart home automation system, giving you the ability to lock and unlock them as part of a group package. As an example, you can program in a night mode that automatically locks the doors, switches off the lights and closes the shades. No more climbing into bed at night and worrying if you’ve locked the front door or not!

Remember in the 1980s and 90s how we would have to endure home alarms going off all hours of the night, and if the resident wasn’t home, often all day as well. Well, now there is no need to annoy your neighbours with noisy alarms thanks to smart home security monitoring systems. You can still take advantage of ear-splitting alarms that can be switched on or off remotely if that’s your preference, but thanks to cameras, microphones, motion and sound sensors that are all interconnected, you can receive an alert you via your smart device if a sensor is triggered, enabling you to see exactly what is going on.

The latest home security monitoring systems now feature a level of artificial intelligence, being able to learn and adapt to your preferences. They know when you’re at home, and auto arm themselves when you’re not. They learn your habits to understand the difference between ordinary and unusual activity in your home.

If you’re running a business then a smart security system gives you the ultimate protection and control of risk management. A smart business security system is engineered for reliability, protecting your business and itself from tampering, power outages and service interruptions. Smart business security systems are integrated with your internet and mobile to provide the user with a variety of feedback and actions.

The biggest advantages that smart security offer for a business is control and cost. In most cases, the owner is responsible for monitoring and auctioning threats to security. You will be able to decide yourself whether to call the police, control access and extra perimeter guarding, remote utility shutdown for your internet service, water or electricity, reroute camera networks, you can even remote access real-time video from your smart devices.