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Home theatres are a relatively new thing, but they are gaining popularity with each passing year. On top of them gaining popularity, the technology behind them is improving every day. Some of the newest technology is beyond imagination and something that you really have to see to believe. As seen recently on Better Homes and Gardens this state of the art technology is taking Australia by storm, and for good reason. Click here to see for yourself!

It may seem like something out of the movies, but it is becoming more commonplace in homes across Australia- televisions that disappear and appear on command! They disappear into the walls and consoles with a touch of a button- or if your system is really up to date, voice controlled. They can be integrated into the home automation systems, and even programmed to appear at the same time as lights dim, curtains close and more!

Disappearing isn’t the only trick that televisions have learned. There are also now water-proof televisions that can be set up in pool areas and even the bathroom. No worries or concerns about water or condensation affecting them. Because they are sealed units that are specifically built for spaces like this you could literally throw a bucket of water on them and they wouldn’t be affected at all. Amazing, right?

With minimalistic designs replacing cluttered rooms and spaces, it’s no wonder speakers have also pulled a disappearing act. They can be fully integrated into the wall panels so that there is no visible speaker at all, just a speaker panel hidden beneath the wall that produces the same great sound and clarity as any other speaker systems on the market.

Projectors, curtains, lights and more can all be controlled and set up to integrate with your system so that everything you need to create the perfect home movie experience can be done quickly and without complications. With everything wirelessly connected and safely stored away when not in use it also creates a great safe room for your children to play in while keeping all systems safe and out of reach!

As an added bonus to all these new technologies, all these new systems within the home theatre can also be voice activated. Can’t find the remote? No need to be concerned. With a few simple voice commands, movie night can be underway and you can find the remote control later on when your family isn’t anxiously awaiting the start of movie night.

If you are ready to step into the future with your home theatre system, contact our team and McCormick’s Concepts and we will help you develop and build the perfect system for your wants and needs. Visit our store to see some of these systems first hand, or call us today at 1300 795 469 to see how we can best help you create a room that your friends will be envious of.