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There’s absolutely no doubt that in today’s world, technology plays a major part in our lives. And most of the time it makes our day to day living a whole lot easier too! The average household nowadays no longer relies on one old desktop computer in a designated spot – we now have laptops, iPads, tablets and Smart TVs. Reliable connections are what keeps all these devices paired to the outside world, but the burning question is how to achieve it!

Let’s face it: there’s nothing more annoying than those dreadful internet black spots throughout your home. Just when you sit down with your family to download and watch that video or take your iPad out onto the patio and enjoy the sunshine while you work, those dead spots or weak signals in your house can spoil everything. And who can be bothered manually selecting boosters as they move about the house to ensure good connections?

Welcome the new wireless access points in your home! These points are simply installed at strategic points about the house and connect wirelessly to the main router which means that even if your home is double storey or has a challenging floor plan, you can still have an excellent internet connection. And as you move from room to room, the device will automatically select the strongest signal and connect to it. Absolutely effortless! Now that’s what I call all gain and no pain!

These access points are an absolute must for your integrated home automated system. As seen recently on Better Homes and Gardens, they allow you to maximise the benefits of being able to control your entire home lighting, heating, security and sound systems from one central app. No more ducking out into the passage where the signal is stronger to adjust the central heater or turn the TV off downstairs…

We live in an age that can’t be compared to any other. Whether we like to admit it or not, technology is integrated into our daily lives in so many different areas – and it’s here to stay! So why not get the most out of it? Enjoy the benefits of time-saving, cost-saving and convenience with wireless access points throughout your home. Remove those dreaded Wi-Fi black spots and live life at its best.