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Ultimate Control

With wireless home automation, you can control your home no matter your location. If you forget to lock the door or turn something off before leaving for work, it becomes as simple as logging into your home system and selecting what you want to do. No longer do you have to rush home, or turn around because you forgot to turn off a light, or even lock a door. With a few clicks of buttons, your home is safe and secure.


Speaking of security, home automation can provide you with a greater sense of security. If the doorbell rings and you are not at home or are occupied somewhere else in the house, you can answer the door, and see who is there right from your smart device. You no longer have to wonder who is on the other side of the door. This can be a great safety feature for those who live alone, or in more rural areas where answering the door could put your safety at risk. This also means if you are expecting a package to be delivered you can watch your front step for the delivery from work or where ever you may be during the day. It also means that when salesmen come door knocking you can pretend that you aren’t even home. Who wouldn’t want that feature?

Less clutter and more organised rooms.

Wireless home automation also cuts down on the number of wires and cables running through your home and opens the ability to place things where you may not have been able to before. Now you can decide where you want to put stuff based on your taste and not the limitations of cables.

Increased market value

If you ever decide to rent or sell your home, you can also get more value for your home. Home-buyers like to have newer systems and having a wireless system can help you to get more from potential buyers. It also means that if you decide to rent out your home, you can charge more due to the safety and convenience of the home automation system. This can help pay for your system many times over in the right market.

A good investment

Speaking of money, a home automation system can also save you money. By being able to control lights, the thermostat and more at the touch of a button, you can ensure that the things that are not in use are turned off. With rising electricity prices, this can be a big money saver over the lifetime of your system.

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