We chose to automate our home a couple of years ago. The original system never performed to the level we expected and when an electrical surge destroyed most of it last November ā€“ we chose to employ McCormick Concepts to update some of the components but mainly to design a new system.

Since employing McCormick Concepts our trust in home automation has been renewed. There are several simple reasons why Iā€™d recommend their services above anyone else.

McCormick Concepts was thorough in designing a new system and installed it very quickly. The new system performs better than the old and Chris trained us in its full use. I could always contact Chris and he was able to answer all of my questions. He provided us with a level of service and reliability that was exceptional. We were also provided with full documentation on our new system. This means if in the future we need to replace anything we know what components are compatible with our system.

To put it very plainly ā€“ McCormick Concepts made the whole venture very simple.

Karen Central Coast, NSW