We recently purchased a house that was advertised as having a state-of-the-art home automation system that was user friendly and as a consequence, would make life easier for us.

Unfortunately, we experienced a myriad of problems not soon after we moved in.  We found it extremely difficult finding technicians that were familiar with the system and more importantly, who were competent and specialised enough to fix the problem.

After two years of battling the problems of our system, and having various technicians provide stop-gap solutions, we were eventually referred to Chris McCormick from McCormick Concepts.  Our system has been re-built to the specifications required for it to run smoothly and indeed, for it to make life easier for us.  We now have the advantage of being able to add to the system as new technologies become available.  My husband is no longer talking about selling the house!

We have found Chris to be most professional, reliable and able to provide a solution to any problem relating to home automation and home theatre / AV systems.  We would have no hesitation recommending McCormick Concepts to anyone interested in installing or upgrading such systems in their own homes.