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The electricity bill – it’s your biggest nightmare. Right? Well take heart, you’re not the only one in that boat. In fact, we’re all interested in saving a pretty penny when it comes to home running expense. If only there was some way you could keep control of the energy usage in your home…

Welcome the age of home automation! It’s the logic, convenient and effective way to manage your energy consumption, without the hard work. Smart homes are becoming more and more necessary if we are to stretch our humble dollar to cover all our needs, so it’s time to get savvy…

How does home automation help with the saving energy in your home?


This is something most of us, as homeowners are very conscious of. But maybe, even though you methodically turn out the lights as you leave the room or the house, your kids don’t. In fact, how many times have you sat down at your desk at work and wondered whether they turned the lights out in their bedrooms or, worse still, the heat lamps in the bathroom?

With home automation, you don’t have to spend the day with these worries nagging at the back of your mind. From your laptop or phone, you can log on and make sure that the lights are turned out, saving yourself electricity as well as your sanity!

You don’t like coming home at night to a dark, uninviting home, but neither do you want to leave the exterior lights on all day – no longer a problem! From your app, you can turn on your driveway and entry lights and arrive home to a cheery, well-lit house!


Nobody wants to live in an icebox in winter, or a hothouse in summer! But we all know that heating and cooling systems are expensive to run, and a total waste of money if nobody is home. But there’s always that burning question – do you leave the system running all day so the place is nice to get home to, or do you save the money, but sacrifice your comfort when you return?

With smart homes, the answer is neither! You can turn off the heating/cooling system in the morning, then use your app to turn it on again before you get home. What a cost saver!

Now you can enjoy the extra savings, without compromising the comfort of your home.


Having a party? No need to have the whole place lit up like Lunar Park all evening! Save yourself money by turning off lights, heating and appliances in different parts of the home as your party progresses and you and your guests move about. No point having all the internal lights blazing if you’re out in the yard, and likewise, you don’t want the pool lights/heating going if you’re inside in the home theatre. As the host, you don’t want to be forever rushing around turning off this and adjusting that… and thankfully those days are over! Problems solved with the touch of a screen!

Our lives are busy, yet we need to be able to control our expenses. And that’s exactly why smart homes are becoming popular all over the world. Call the team at McCormick Concepts today and discuss your needs with our friendly staff. Get with it and get savvy!