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To illustrate the benefits of these smart technologies, let’s imagine that we are walking through one of Sydney’s smartest homes. How will the experience differ from any average non-smart home? Will this new technology save you money? Will it enhance your life?

An Automated Home That Works For You

From the outside, it seems as if this so-called smart home is like any other in the neighbourhood. Of course, we know better! You can whip out your smartphone at this point, fire up our exclusive control application, and power up the lights even before you walk in the door! If it’s a scorching hot day, you can even turn on the ceiling fans and air conditioner before you even leave the car.

Walking in the door, you note that the lights are on. The difference is that they have been programmed to light up slowly so as to create a nice mood. They will also only light up to ninety percent capacity. Doing this actually saves real money on electrical bills.

You’re tired after a long day at work, and you go into the kitchen to make yourself a snack and grab a drink. The lights turn on automatically when you walk into the room because the motion sensors have detected that you have entered! There’s no more fumbling for light switches in the dark.

You get yourself some food and a drink and make your way into the lounge room to relax. As you leave the kitchen, the installed sensors detected that the room is empty and automatically turn off the lights. In one of Sydney’s smart homes, you can have the system programmed to do this so it saves you money. That means no more lights on throughout the home when no one is home!

Your Own Multimedia Experience

Walking into the lounge room for some well-earned rest and relaxation, you notice that the lights are already slowly brightening their way up to ninety percent capacity because you have entered the room. This no ordinary lounge room anymore though. It is now a home cinema room where you can enjoy immersive audio and video and watch anything you want in peace and quiet.

One of the great things about the smart homes we create is that we can install NAS drives that function as servers to store all sorts of audio and video. This means that you can simply choose from a selection of movies, or just watch the latest on Foxtel. You can even have it all hooked up to your Netflix subscription so that choosing a movie is as easy as browsing their catalogue.

The McCormicks Difference

We’re proud of the home automation systems that we design and install for people. We believe that they not only enhance homes and lifestyles but also save you money.

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