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Home Automation Is here to stay. And the options for home automation are nearly endless! As technology evolves, that dream home where things just happen whether you’re there or not is actually becoming a reality. Not only that, there’s no huge upfront cost – you can automate your home bit by bit as your budget allows it.

What you need to do is decide which features of home automation are most important to you. Everyone’s circumstances are different but that’s the beauty of it – your automation system can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. So, where do you start?

  • Let’s begin with security. If you are like most of us, your home is probably your greatest personal asset. That’s why you need to be sure it’s safe and secure at all times. By installing integrated CCTV throughout your house, you can monitor who is coming and going and what’s happening in various rooms or areas of the property. All from the central app. From opening and closing the front gate to shutting the curtains to stop nosy neighbours seeing what’s going on inside, you have complete control over the whole house from anywhere in the world. And if you happen to forget to lock the door or set the house alarm in your morning rush, don’t fret! You can fix that from wherever you are too!
  • Lighting – now that’s an area we are all interested in saving money in! By integrating the entire lighting system throughout the house, you can control how much electricity is being used at all times. From the device, in your hand, you can decide when it’s time to turn lights out, switch them on or dim to create that ambience you want for your party. Not only that, if you are arriving home late you can switch on your exterior and the necessary interior lights so that you’re not rocking up to a dark and gloomy house. Landscape lighting can also be integrated so that as the evening fades, your garden becomes a beautiful outdoor paradise – all with the touch of a button.
  • Integrated home sound systems are becoming more and more popular around the globe. No more ugly, bulky speakers and cords trailing from here to there! Speaker systems can now be installed in your walls and connected to the central app so that wherever you are in the house you can enjoy a soundtrack as you work. Outdoor sound systems can also be controlled by the same device and take entertaining to a whole new level.
  • Installing wireless access points throughout your home is a decision you’ll never regret. They connect to the central router and, as seen recently in Better Homes and Gardens, as you move through your home your devices automatically connect to the strongest signal. No more manually selecting boosters as you enter a room and no more of those dreaded Wi-Fi black spots that have caused you and your family so much frustration…

There are many people already enjoying the benefits of home automation, so why not come on board and make your life a whole lot easier? Make technology work for you and enjoy the freedom that comes with total control over your house