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You’re a homeowner and, like everyone else, you worry about security. The newspapers are full of crime and violence, and it’s no wonder we worry about the safety of our homes and loved ones. Whether you’re at work, going on a holiday or even just lying in your bed at night, you want to feel safe, right? If you’re longing for that peace of mind that you, your family and your property is safe…is there any way to achieve it?

Great news! Since 1942, security systems and CCTV have been keeping homes safe and secure. And, with the latest state-of-the-art technology, systems have become a whole lot more advanced, more effective and easier to use.

Smart home security doesn’t mean a brand-new house. Excellent systems are available and can be customised for installation in your home at any time. And, as your budget allows it they can be added to progressively. How much better can it get?

Maybe you tend to think of CCTV as something commercial. Domestic systems have been developed and perfected. Thousands of families across Australia are proving the benefits of being able to see and record activity around their homes all day, every day. From watching children in the yard to seeing what’s going on upstairs while you’re busy downstairs, a glance at the screen will tell you who is where at any time around your property.

Another added bonus – the system records and saves all data so that, in the unlucky event of a break-in, you can go back and gather evidence. This will be a huge help for authorities in identifying criminals and their tactics.

One of the biggest fears we secretly harbour is “who’s that ringing my doorbell?” By installing integrated smart home security, you can eliminate the fear of the unknown. From the screen inside you can see who is at the door before you go to open it, and not only that, if you’re busy and can’t drop tools immediately, you can unlock and let your guests in – all from the central app.

Now, this one is all too familiar…! You’ve just hopped into bed at night and suddenly wonder if you locked the back door or the kitchen window…. Don’t grab for your gown and slippers and trudge downstairs again – from the central app you can quickly check, then sleep easy with that peace of mind that everything’s secure.

Holidays…another time when security really plagues us. No need to worry any longer! From your phone, iPad or tablet you can log into your smart home security system and see what’s been happening at your place while you’re away. With the touch of a screen, you can turn lights off and on at different times and even open and shut the blinds or curtains to make it look as though someone is home! No more asking the neighbour to keep an eye on your place while you aren’t there – you can do it yourself, anytime, from anywhere in the world!

Smart home security is the way of the future. In a world full of unknowns, we can help relieve you of that stress and fear that surrounds personal security and safety. Call us today on 1300 795 469 for a chat with one of our friendly sales staff, to get your security system underway.