Iconic Sydney Show Piece

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney has grown a new world-class attraction, The Calyx, which opened in June 2016.

The venue was built around the site of the Arc Glasshouse, in the south western corner of the garden. Intelligent, sensitive architecture has replaced the Tropical Centre pyramid and foyer.

The Calyx is an integrated mix of indoor and outdoor areas, with the exhibitions changing on a regular basis, reinventing itself through emotively themed exhibitions.

McCormick Concepts was engaged to design and install the Mic, PA and general purpose are audio visual systems. We worked with the electrical engineers and consultants to ensure the system not only performed well but was simple for staff to use.

Project details

  • Location: Sydney
  • Audio System: Bi-Amp & Australian Monitor
  • Control System: RTI Touch Screens and iPads
  • Speakers: Electrovoice and Sonance