Not all Networks are Created Equal

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Why Should I Consider Home Networking?

From maintaining a comfortable temperature, to streaming music and movies and even keeping our homes safe and secure, there is an ever-growing ecosystem of products on which we rely that are becoming smarter and more sophisticated.

Without a reliable and efficient network, even the smartest devices are rendered dumb. Each connected device adds strain to a home network and, ultimately, the availability of a wireless connection within the house. This is why the network has quickly become one of the most important systems in your home.

Many homeowners are accustomed to using networking hardware provided by their Internet service provider or consumer brands found at a local retailer. These consumer-grade commodity products are built for a one-size-fits-all approach and compromise the speed, performance, and reliability of a network.

Consumer-grade networks, built as low-cost solutions, are not designed to meet the demands of modern connected homes. More robust networks are designed from specialized components—routers, switches, and wireless access points—that are built to support smart home, audio and video traffic.

Your smart home needs a network that is scalable, adaptable, intuitive, and ready to perform.

A strong network foundation will ensure that all of your automated conveniences, audio and video luxuries, and security systems are reliable and functioning optimally. With a network designed for smart homes, you can alleviate strain caused by video buffering, missed beats, application freezing, and slow response times.

With a custom-designed network, the comfort and performance of your modern home are optimized.

Some considerations when thinking about networking in your home:

Where do you want coverage in your home?

This might seem like a pretty basic question.  But ask yourself, do I have a pool area or a shed that I will be spending considerable time in? Sometimes it is the areas we don’t think of that become a Wifi nuisance.

What are your future plans for your home?

Think in terms of the next six months to two years, will there be users or new smart technology (automation system, smart lighting, security system, etc.) added to the network?

What types of applications are you using?

To ensure the best performance, it is import to understand how you are using the network i.e. email browsing, video streaming, 4K streaming, music streaming.

During peak usage, how many users/devices are typically on the network at any given time.

The number of devices on the network will help us determine the resources required to support the connected devices.

Is a guest network required?

Consider if you will be giving anyone else wifi access that you don’t wish to have access to your main password.  This is great for entertaining areas or separate living quarters.

Do you have aesthetic preferences?

WAP can be hidden, flush mounted into the ceiling, or wall mounted?

Interested in learning more?

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