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Security is something that’s weighing heavily on the minds of most homeowners these days. The newspapers are full of creepy stories of that unlucky person that had their house burgled while they were away or the undesirables that trashed their party. The reality is that your life is busy and you can’t be home keeping an eye on everything all the time, so how can you achieve that peace of mind you crave for you and your family?

Just imagine if you could open an app on your iPad, tablet or iPhone and control your home security at any time! The great news is that you don’t just have to dream about it, you can now live your dream!

State of the art technology now means that your security system can be fully integrated into your home automation system. You no longer have to wonder what’s going on at home – with the touch of a screen you can log in and find out at any time.

Somebody ringing your doorbell? Don’t be caught off guard! You can now see who’s there by looking at the screens inside your house and if you’re busy and can’t go to the door, you can unlock from the app and let your visitor in. This feature is fantastic if, for example, you are meeting someone at your home and you get stuck in traffic – you can open up for your guests and they can make themselves comfortable while they wait for you to turn up!

How many times have you sat down at your desk at work and wondered whether or not you set the alarm or locked the front door at home as you rushed out? No need to spend the day fretting about it – do it from your office chair!

Going away for the weekend? You can protect yourself against a break in by turning the lights off and on at different times of the day so that it looks like someone is home. And how’s this? You can even open and shut the curtains from anywhere in the world! No more leaving the house key with the neighbour so she can to pop over and do it for you…

Security cameras positioned around your home mean that you can not only log on and see what’s happening at any time, but you can record clips for future reference or go back and see what happened yesterday or last week. This is a huge advantage in the unlucky event of trouble.

If yours is a home with children, there are other benefits. You no longer have to wonder whether the front gate is locked while they play outside – check from your device in the kitchen. And if you can’t quite make it home in time for your child after school, you can disarm the house and unlock for them while you finish your last-minute shopping.

Automated home security is the way of the future. Customised to suit your lifestyle, it is the perfect means by which you can have that peace of mind all day every day.