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Entertaining has just gone up a level and become a whole lot easier with integrated home automation systems. You no longer have to be the busy bee running from room to room flicking on the lights, adjusting the sound systems and setting up the home theatre. As recently seen on Better Homes and Gardens, you can now relax and enjoy your visitors with the peace of mind that comes with complete home automation.

The visitors have arrived…and you weren’t even taken by surprise! By looking at the screens inside your home you can see who is arriving and, if you can’t drop tools immediately to run to the door, you can even unlock and let them in from the control panel or app on your phone. Not only that, an integrated security system gives you greater control over who comes and goes so you don’t end up with those gate-crashers to your party.

Perhaps your entertaining started at a restaurant or bar downtown. Who wants to bring guests home to a dark and gloomy house? Problem solved! You can now switch on the exterior and driveway lights as well as any others you wish so that your home looks beautiful and inviting as you pull up.No more fumbling in the dark for the keys either – unlocking is now as easy as touching a screen.

Lighting is one of the key things in creating that ambience when entertaining. Controlling your lighting has never been easier! Using the central app you can switch lights off or on as you move from room to room or dim them at any time to create that mood you need.

And it’s not only inside lighting either. Lighting for the patio, garden and pool can all be controlled by you from anywhere. So, as the sun goes down, you and your visitors can enjoy the beautiful outdoors as the landscaping lights come on and transform your garden into a glowing fairy-tale scene.

Remember the days when outdoor sound systems were clumsy, bulky and ugly? Technology has gone ahead in leaps and bounds and nowadays, with hi-fi all-weather speakers, you can enjoy an excellent outdoor sound system that is beautifully integrated into your garden design. What’s more, the system can be added to as your garden or entertaining area is upgraded or expanded. As for the neighbours, the disruption is minimal because a series of inward facing speakers allows you to have the volume lower without compromising your own enjoyment.

Integrated home theatres mean that your guests can be enjoying a movie while you are preparing a snack in the kitchen. From the device, in your hand, you can close the curtains, dim the lights, control the screen and turn on the sound system. Getting a bit chilly? Why not turn on the gas fireplace to really maximise comfort!

Maybe your guests stayed overnight, and it was a late one. Instead of them jolting awake in the morning to an alarm clock, why not gently wake them to music from inbuilt wall speakers? And as you gather for breakfast, your music comes too – turn off the bedroom zone and enjoy a soundtrack as you eat breakfast and prepare for the day.

Whether you are a born host or not, your home can become an entertainer’s paradise. Fully integrating your security, lighting, heating and entertainment systems allows you the freedom to relax and enjoy your guests, while maintaining control and providing a 5-star time for everyone.