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Control the Atmosphere of Your Home with the Click of a Button

Lighting is an important part of any home. Not only in terms of visibility but also when it comes to the feel of your home, to the atmosphere of the space. Changing a few lights here and there can make a home go from dark and dismal to warm and inviting. With lighting control systems, we can now control the atmosphere of the entire home with a simple click of the button.

Lighting control systems allow us to alter an entire area of the home with a few simple clicks from our phone or the control screen. This means that depending on the system and lights you have installed, you can change everything from the brightness of the room, to even the colours of the lights.

What’s new in home lighting control systems?Many people are now opting for led under cabinet lights. These can be utilised with the control systems to change colour. A simple change of the colouring can alter the entire mood of the kitchen. Utilising blues and greens can make a calmer space, whereas changing it to red can make people hungrier! And all of this is accomplished so easily. Under cabinet lights also provide additional lighting for meal prepping and cooking.

Looking to have a low-key night with your loved ones. Dim the lights and set the mood without having to run all over the places changing the lights individually. Couldn’t be simpler to do and this allows you to continue the mood without breaking the moment.

Have a house full of children? Having the lights slowly dim over the course of the last few hours before bed can help them settle down quicker. Removing the bright lights that are often needed to properly illuminate some areas of the house can ensure that their bodies begin the wind-down process and make bedtime a breeze. This also works for us as adults. During the day our bodies are bombarded by bright lights which can throw our natural body rhythms off. Adjusting the lights to a more natural flow and light level can help our bodies re-adjust and stay on a better routine. This can make things such as falling asleep and waking up an easier process.

Changing the atmosphere of your home isn’t the only thing that lighting control systems can do though. They can also be utilised to save you time and money. By setting up your control system you can make it so that your outdoor lights automatically turn off once the sun has come up or at a certain time. The same can be done with lighting in the home. Do you need the nightlights on in the children’s room if the warm morning sun is already coming through? Of course not. By setting these to turn off you can stop wasting electricity on lights that are not needed. A few simple clicks of a button can help you on your monthly bills and make it so that you don’t need to spend time each morning turning off or unplugging all the unneeded lights.

If you are ready to automate your lighting with a lighting control system or are interested in finding out more ways they can help manage your household, be sure to drop by and see us at McCormick Concepts. We look forward to helping you with all your home automation needs.