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Modern clean energy systems are a game-changing technology that has revolutionized the power industry. It has eliminated the traditional power stack and made zero emission power plants the new industry standard. As homeowners, we can take advantage of this latest technology and contribute to saving the environment by utilizing the latest smart home systems.

Programmable Thermostats

A significant part of your homes electricity bill comes from heating and cooling costs. Unless a home has been specifically designed with energy efficiency in mind, you’ll find that almost every home will waste large amounts of energy by heating and cooling unoccupied rooms. By installing a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature of your home remotely via your smartphone or tablet, meaning you can heat and cool your home more efficiently and monitor it while you are away.

Zone-Based Thermostats

Zone-based thermostats allow you to divide your house into zones, meaning that unoccupied rooms aren’t heated or cooled unnecessarily. You have the option to use them in conjunction with motion sensors that will start and stop the heating and cooling cycle automatically when the room is in use. This decreases the amount of wasted energy and also saves you money on your monthly bills.

Motion Sensors and Occupation Detectors

Motion sensors can also be connected to your home’s appliances and lights. This allows you to fully automate everything, switching off appliances when nobody is in the room to use them. You can also monitor and control them remotely from your smart device so if you find that you’re away from home longer than you anticipate or you forget to switch something off, it’s an easy process to control.

Power Timers and Monitors

With all this monitoring comes the ability to analyze and identify trends in your electrical and energy usage. Being aware of the optimal times to run your appliances and match them to the times that you use them most will save you a fortune. There are several monitoring devices that can give you real-time feedback on how much energy your home is using, and identify these trends as well.

Solar Power Products

As more homes are starting to make the most of low cost and clean energy alternatives, smart home designers are starting to figure out how to best utilise it in the home. In a solar and battery powered smart home, appliances can be configured to automatically operate during the day if alternative energy generation conditions are favourable, or when energy stored in a battery is sufficient.