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If you live in Sydney, the chance is that you’ll probably have to put up with a measured amount of crime. From home invasion to theft to the more serious cases of assault, home invasions and burglaries that can escalate suddenly and violently, a sad frightening fact for you and your loved ones.

Web and App-Based Technology

Internet-based home security systems offer numerous convenient benefits to the busy homeowner. A smart home control system provides access from mobile phones, tablets and computers, giving the user the ability to monitor and control the security of their home from anywhere in the connected world.

This increased connectivity means users are able to set custom event notifications to ensure they are instantly alerted to important events. They are able to monitor sensors and video streams in real time and take action instantly by notifying authorities or triggering alarms.

These innovative and modern solutions add an unprecedented degree of customization and automation and allow the user to adjust the security settings to align with their own personal schedules and individual needs.

Connected Devices

  • Locks – You no longer have to worry about keeping your keys safe as keyless devices allow remote control and monitoring capabilities. The keys are encrypted and integrated into your mobile devices and can be shared with who you choose.
  • Window and Door Detectors – You can enjoy complete peace of mind when you choose to install door and window sensors that alert you when they are opened. The sensors are wireless and discrete.
  • Motion Detectors – The new range of motion detectors can detect changes in light, temperature, motion, vibration and send custom notifications to your mobile device or hub.
  • Video Cameras – When you do get an incident notification, your Wi-Fi enabled video will let you get a look (and listen) at exactly what is going on before you notify the authorities.

Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke alarms aren’t something we usually think of when we are planning our home security system, but they are a vital safeguard against fire and carbon monoxide levels. They’re also required by law. While any smoke alarm will alert you to an immediate problem if you’re at home, a smart smoke alarm will alert you no matter where you are.

It can tell you which room is in danger, has self-testing capabilities, low-battery alerts, and it will reach emergency services automatically if you don’t respond within a given time.

As we are spending more time away from home it’s important to know that our home and family is safe. Call McCormick Concepts and discover how a smart home control system can give you that peace of mind.