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Home Automation will change your life. Not only does it free up your time so you can spend it elsewhere, but it can track your routine automatically so you don’t have to worry yourself with mind-numbing schedules, or busy yourself thinking of everything you have to do later.

But how much will you pay for that level of convenience?

This is the real concern that is holding most people back from enjoying the freedom and improved lifestyle that smart home solutions can give you. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to capitalize on the benefits that freeing themselves from the trivialities of life can offer? Nobody in their right mind would refuse. That is if we didn’t have to take out a second mortgage on our home to pay for it.

But the great news is that it’s 2017 and technology has never been more affordable. And the fact of the matter is that in the long run, a well-designed home automation system will put a bundle of money back into your hip pocket. Let’s examine how this amazing feat is possible.

Australia suffers from extremely high energy prices. Nobody ever wants to pay more for electricity, but because you’re living in Australia, over the next two years you will. The cost of electricity has been tipped to rise 0.9% in the next twelve months and 6.9% the following year. But thanks to smart home solutions, you have some options that will put money back into your pocket.

The ability to remotely control your home’s thermostat is useful to those trying to save time and money. Most thermostats on the market will allow you to create a daily schedule to automatically control their operation, and also manually control the heating and cooling remotely. If all that sounds like too much hard work, you can choose one that will monitor humidity and temperature outside your home, note when you are home and when you’re out, and adjust its heating and cooling cycles automatically.

Of course, cutting electricity costs isn’t the only way you can benefit from home automation. By wiring up your security system to a smart home solution, you can reduce costly damage from vandalism or theft. A smart security system will set up an electronic perimeter via door and window sensors and feed broadcast real-time alerts to your smartphone or tablet. No more worrying if you remembered to lock the door on your way out because you can do that remotely as well.

If you want to achieve truly spectacular results, you can integrate smart home solutions with solar panel systems to give you complete control over your electricity generation, storage and usage. It’s possible to control the distribution and delivery of solar power to individual rooms, even down to individual appliances.

To find out how home automation can save you money and improve your life, why not talk to one of our friendly expert technicians? Call us on 1300 795 469 today!