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The future is now. Smart home automation has taken over the homes of people all over the world. Never has it been easier to control all aspects of your home, both while you are in it, as well as from remote locations. Many people are familiar with the apps on phones and tablets that can control things such as your heat or lighting, but they don’t realise that most, if not all of these systems and more can also be controlled with integrated touch screens for a complete home automation system.

With a small touch screen on your wall, set up as either a wired or wireless system, you can now control almost all aspects of the home. Whether you are wanting to turn on or off different lighting areas in the home, or are looking to re-program when the heat or air conditioning units come on, your control system can do it. It gives you one central location to control all sorts of home systems and appliances with ease.

Depending on the system you chose, you can potentially even have multiple touch screens throughout your home so that smart home automation doesn’t just have to take place in a single area of your home. Having one in each main living area can make things much easier to control and much more convenient for the user. Of course, if having multiple touchscreens throughout the home doesn’t appeal to you or is outside your budget, you can always go with the single control center and utilise applications on your mobile phone to control things from other areas of the home instead.

Budget, of course, is another consideration in a complete home system. The bigger and more inclusive the system, the more the price will increase, but this can be offset by the money you have saved by automating heating and cooling systems as well as saving you time by allowing you to control everything in one place with ease.

Once you have an idea of the items you want to control you can better decide what system works for you. If you are only looking to automate your lights a simple do it yourself set-up can be the perfect solution. If you are looking for a more extensive system, it will require a professional installer. These larger, more extensive systems can make it that you truly have complete control of your home. You can lock your windows and doors, turn on and off lights and adjust your sound system. With the integration of Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerators, you can also see what is inside your fridge from the grocery store, or anywhere in your home. There really is no shortage of what smart home automation systems can do when integrated with smart appliances throughout your home.

If you are wanting to learn more about smart home automation and the use of integrated touchscreens for your home, our team at McCormick Concepts would be happy to help you. Ready to get one installed? We can do that too. Drop by today and let us help you get your home automated today.