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If you’ve ever walked around a shopping centre and kept your ears open, you’ll be familiar with the idea of music and audio coming from speakers that are usually mounted in the ceiling. But can you imagine how novel it would be to have music playing in different rooms of your own home? With one of our high-quality multi-room audio systems, we can make this a reality for you!

We’ve heard of plenty of people who attempt to set up piped music throughout their home all by themselves. This is admirable, but the problem is that so many things can go wrong. What if the amplifier is too powerful for the speakers and blows them out? What is there is a short circuit? How are you going to control your audio?

The McCormick Advantage

Installing a multi-room audio system is not the easiest of jobs, and though it might be tempting to run a few wires yourself unless you’re eminently qualified, why not let us install it for you? We’ll come over to your home, evaluate the space, and then listen to what you want. After this, we’ll suggest a few options and come up with a plan and a design that meets your needs as closely as possible. This is the advantage of our experience!

The other great thing about our service, apart from our commitment to listening to what you want, is that we will rectify any issues. If your system experiences some faults, we’ll be there on hand to help you out with a repair. Of course, we only source the highest quality components from trusted brands, so your newly installed audio system should perform as expected for some time! Contact one of our expert consultants today by calling us on 1300 795 469 or heading to our website for more information.

Why Your New Audio System Will Rock Your World

If you’re a little on the fence about why multi-room audio would be more than just a novelty to have in your home, here are a few home truths to consider:

  • Ultimate control: Do you sometimes have visitors over and want to play a little mood music to enhance the evening? Using our intuitive control system, you can choose where and what you want to play. And if you have a tablet or smartphone, you can even control it all remotely.
  • For families: Those with teenagers are likely familiar with music being played in bedrooms that seems to seep through the rest of the home and cause more than a little angst amongst those of an older generation. With one of our audio system, you can play different music in different rooms! This means that your teenager can play all the newfangled genres that they want and not disturb your foray into the latest Jazz and blues.
  • Discrete: If you imagine that an audio system will feature big ugly speakers sticking out of the wall, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our offerings. Technology has advanced just a little since the quadrophonic monstrosities of the 1970s, and we can now install invisible speakers behind walls, speakers of all shapes and sizes, and even mount them in areas that are out of the way.