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Nowadays, it’s becoming more common for the homeowner to have sophisticated multi-room audio setup in their homes. Initially people will go to showrooms or expos in big retail centres and fall in love with a system that they like the look and sound of but when they get the system delivered it’s totally inappropriate for the size of the area they are wanting to install the system in and sadly this all too common experience is leaving purchasers feeling ripped off and disappointed. At McCormick Concepts we strive to give you the best “bang for your buck”, and are invested in making your experience a positive one. We want satisfied customers!

Let me tell you how we can help achieve that. To avoid the disappointment of not getting the results that you had in the showroom, it’s important to involve service experts like McCormick Concepts from the beginning. McCormick Concepts have been in the business for over 13 years and have extensive knowledge in installation and maintenance of your home audio system. From sound systems that are installed around your house, to high-quality movie theatre stereos for your home entertainment areas, hiring experts who are not only there for the setup but are there for ongoing maintenance is crucial.

How to get the most out of your system

Of course, you will want to get the most from your new big plasma television, and the best method to do that is to have an audio system installed that complements your brand-new TV. Stereos can be really complicated and there’s more than just having sound speakers and cables. There are equalizers, mainboards, amplifiers and everything between that runs your system. You can also incorporate a wireless music system for highly advanced home audio automated control. A multi-room audio setup requires efficient control and synchronization. Multi-room audio systems can play music from a single device to speakers all over the house or in several rooms. They can also play different music or audio from the television to different speakers in the home – controlled from a laptop or smart device. This also means that when you leave the house, all systems can be conveniently shut-down from one device.

Having your multi-room audio properly installed and setup will certainly ensure high-quality results. At McCormick Concepts, we understand that the best results arise from attending to the detail. We also have an exceptional team dedicated to providing you with ongoing support and service.

McCormick Concepts are experts in smart home automation, home theatre installation, multi-room audio set-up and much more!

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