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We get lots of people coming in to see us who are very excited about the possibilities of a home theatre system for their home. Since the prices on hardware have decreased significantly over the past few years, and software has reached the point where it can be had at the click of a button for pocket change, we have seen a good increase in the number of people wanting to use our services. Even though prices have certainly decreased, people are still price sensitive, and we are often asked the question: how much do home automation systems cost?

The Future Home

The whole idea of owning a home that can be easily controlled at the touch of a screen appeals to many people. The old dream of a futuristic home where everything is automated and operates smartly is something that new technology has certainly made possible. We think that it also dovetails nicely with the concerns people have for the environment. By offering home automation solutions that save money and electricity, we’re doing our bit to reduce our total carbon footprint and help the environment.

When asked about costs, we are quick to point out that though some solutions are expensive, we can actually work with affordable technologies to tailor a solution that suits most homeowners and their budget. The whole idea of an automated smart home really begins and ends with integration. When it comes to overall costs, we can’t emphasise enough that we work with all of our customers closely to customise a home automation solution that seeks a balance between their budget and what they want to achieve.

Imagine being able to control just about everything in the home from one central location? With our smart and programmable home automation solution, you can control things like:

  • Lighting: Turning on, dimming and controlling lights throughout the home from a central location is a great way to save money on electrical bills. Not only this but by using our custom lighting control solution, we can even re-program that way your home lighting operates without the cost of electrical rewiring! Best of all, it uses your existing electrical system.
  • Climate: By integrating air conditioning and heating systems, we can even allow a homeowner to have full control over the climate in their home.
  • Security: Our smart systems are not just about air conditioning and lighting. We can also program them to control security too. Imagine being able to program the control system to automatically lock the doors of your home at a specific time every night?
  • Mobility: We can even create a smart home solution that enables you to control everything from the screen of an iPhone or iPad. Yes, that’s right. You can even control devices in your home from the bathroom while you brush your teeth in the morning! It is even possible to control your home while you are on holiday in a remote location. You can turn lights on and off, check home video systems, open doors to let a family member in, and even turn on the heating before you get back home so that it is nice and toasty for you!

We think that the possibilities of the automated home are really exciting. Even though some of the technology can be expensive, it is important to remember that we offer tailored solutions for our customers so that they can have us implement a solution that suits their budgets.