Home Theatre Design

Well designed home theatre systems can bring amazing value to your home entertainment experience whether it be a multipurpose system in a family room offering immersive surround sound and access to all your favourite TV shows or a dedicated cinema room fully engineered and designed to outperform a commercial cinema!

This all sounds great but after looking around online you will no doubt be left with more questions than answers.
What speakers do I use and how many? Should I use a projector or large TV or both? Does my amplifier matter? What do I need for 4K movies?

The list is endless so where do you start?

The McCormick Concepts team are here to help. We will work with you asking key questions about your lifestyle and desired outcome to help find out what system will offer the best value for you without the all the technical jargon.

For those who want all the details or want to be educated on the latest technology, don’t worry we are passionate about home theatre system and are happy to provide all the information and training you need.

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Designing the cinema room you have always dreamed can be an exciting and rewarding experience but with all the mixed information out there in the world you need an expert at your side to help you navigate to the right information and help design the right solution for you.

The designers at McCormick Concepts will work closely with you to create an immersive home theatre room design that not only sounds great but looks amazing!

When designing a home theatre room there are some important considerations that will impact the outcome of your room, some of which include;

  • The number of people that will use your theatre room
  • The size and shape of your room
  • The construction material of your room
  • The placement of doors and windows
  • The type (e.g. material, shape) and size of the chairs will you be using
  • The presence of any soft furnishings or curtains
  • The presence of any sound isolation or sound-proofing structures/materials
  • Air conditioning or fan noise

Why not book an obligation free consultation and home theatre demonstration with the experts at McCormick Concepts and let us help find the right solution for you.

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Home theatre acoustics are an important element of any home theatre design. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on equipment, speakers and cabling, without good room acoustics and design, your home cinema system will not perform at its best.  A common misconception about home theatre acoustics is that “sound proofing” is only consideration. However, sound proofing is just one small part of home theatre acoustic design.

McCormick Concepts considers home theatre acoustics as a fundamental aspect of home theatre design. When designing a home theatre system, we consider the shape and size of the room, the placement of doors and windows, the material used to construct the room (e.g. brick, plasterboard) and the placement of furniture, including soft furnishings. This enables us to determine the appropriate acoustic treament required to offer our clients the absolute best auditory experience.

What is the purpose of having good acoustics?
  • Provides great audio dynamics
  • Provides great imaging from one speaker to another
  • Minimal or no sound interference outside the theatre room
  • Lowering the ambient level of noise coming into the home theatre room
  • Corrects any audio issues within the room
Acoustic Treatments

Acoustic treatments can be used to improve a room’s acoustic performance. A room can exhibit a number of acoustic issues, including delays, slap echos, boomy bass and many others. Acoustics treatments such as absorber panels are placed in particular positions specific to the room. to help correct these issues. Our home theatre designers will consider the multiple issues that impact a room’s acoustic quality and will tailor a solution that optimises sound quality.

So How Do Acoustic Treatments Work?

Sound does not just travel straight from the front the speaker to your ears. The sound also “reflects” off other surfaces in your room such as the ceiling, floor, side walls and the back wall. These reflected sounds take longer to reach your ears, effectively acting as multiple echos. This can make the bass sound boomy and dialogue difficult to understand. By carefully positioning particular acoustic treatments you can decrease these effects making the audio crisp, clear and pleasing to your ears.  

So why not just use absorptive acoustic material over the whole room?

If you were to hang a thick curtain around all the walls in the room and treat the ceiling and floor with absorptive materials you would effectively make the room sound dead. Your ears will also trick you into thinking the room is much smaller than it is and you will need much more efficient speakers and a more power amplifier to get your room up to THX reference level. This would be a very expensive exercise and not very effective.

A basic rule of thumb for treating a room is as follows:
  • 20% absorptive
  • 20% diffusers
  • 20% corner area bass traps

However, you should always talk to an experienced home theatre designer to make sure you are addressing the specific sound issues of your room. McCormick Concepts are industry leaders in home theatre and surround sound design, and we are commitment to supplying theatre and audio systems that utilise the latest technology and research.

Why not book an obligation free consultation and home theatre demonstration with the experts at McCormick Concepts and let us help find the right solution for you.

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