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Technology has made our lives easier and more enjoyable, even if we don’t fully understand how it works. A lot of the recent inventions have penetrated our lives and made it impossible to live without it, offering unprecedented levels of convenience. Consider how often you use your microwave, fridge or your washing machine?

Although many of us are still waiting for hoverboards and robots that go to work for us, technology has given us smartphones, smart TVs, and now smart homes.


But What Is Home Automation Exactly?


A smart home is just like your regular home, except key pieces of electrical equipment are networked to a computer system or tablet or your smartphone. Smart homes take advantage of automation technology and give the homeowner an extraordinary level of convenience and control.

One key advantage to this is that you’re able to control all of your electrical equipment remotely, meaning that you can access your lighting, entertainment and climate settings without ever leaving the couch.

They can also reduce your energy bills by automatically reducing the use of appliances such as lighting, heating and refrigeration temperature automatically by outside temperature or time of day. Lights can even be programmed to be automatically switched off when a room is empty.


How Do Smart Appliances Fit Into Smart Homes?


Smart appliances are state of the art appliances that connect to your smart home network. They communicate with each other and with the homeowner via a smartphone or tablet.

Imagine your fridge knowing when you’ve run out of something, compiling your shopping list for you at the end of the week, which you can then email off or send via an app to your grocery store.

if a smart appliance breaks down, it can send its information to the repair shop to organize its own quote and to give you a replacement cost. Super convenient! You can see how smart appliances are gaining traction now as manufacturers push the envelopes of what was previously thought possible.


The Miracle of Home Automation


When you live in a bustling capital city, any convenience to make your life easier is welcome. As people lead fast-paced lives, McCormick Concepts offers a huge range of home automation options.

Security is the primary concern for any city-dwelling homeowner and this is just one area that smart homes really shine. You have the option of being able to lock and unlock your doors with a smartphone or tablet, meaning you don’t have to lose time checking if you really locked that door before you left the house.It also frees you from the stressful situation of misplaced keys.

McCormick Concepts are the leaders in products for home automation. Sydney offers an array of specialists in home living but with McCormick Concepts you will always rest assured that your installations are of the best quality. Working directly with builders and architects they ensure you will have a smart home system perfectly matched to your lifestyle, and one that will grow with your family and into the future.