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Complete home automation systems can totally change your life. With the ability to log in and see what’s happening at your place 24/7, and from anywhere in the world, you are now able to enjoy that complete control and peace of mind that’s only been dreamed of by previous generations!

It just makes life simple.

How many times have you gone out for the day, and suddenly remembered (long after you’ve left home) that you didn’t lock the front door? Or wondered whether you left the heat lights on in the bathroom? Or whether you set the house alarm? Then, try as you might to forget it (because you can’t do anything about it now,) it nags at the back of your mind all day…

In this day and age, this doesn’t need to happen. And with home automation systems it won’t.

From your phone, iPad or laptop you can log in and make sure that the security system is set, the doors are locked and even turn off that heater or appliance that was left on unintentionally. It’s that simple. The whole house can be monitored from one central app, anywhere, anytime.

If you’re a working parent (or simply a busy one!) and can’t guarantee you’ll be home when your kids turn up after school, you can now unlock the doors and let them in while you do those few last-minute jobs out and about! And better still, you can log in and check your security cameras and CCTV to see who’s where, and what’s going on, at any time.

We all love a holiday, but we also worry about the protection of our homes while we’re away. There’s no need to worry when you’ve got automated security. You can log in and switch lights off and on at different times of the day so that the place doesn’t look dark and empty, check the security cameras and generally re-assure yourself that everything’s ok.

Now, I’m guessing that you’re wondering whether home automation systems are only for new homes, and the answer is no! They can be retrofitted at any time, just giving that extra level of convenience to your already comfortable and cosy home. And better still, it can be tailored to suit your finances and needs. No massive up-front costs – you can simply add to your system as your budget allows it. How easy is that?!

We all have busy lives, tight schedules and deadlines to meet. So why not make life just that little bit simpler by investing in home automation. Call us today on 1300 795 469 for a chat with one of our professional team.