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Having an integrated outdoor sound system can be the perfect addition to your backyard garden. With unique features that come with the newest technologies, you can have a sound system that leaves the neighbours envious, without any of the issues that can make your neighbours mad. And all this without compromising the quality of the sound.

In the past sound systems tended to be mounted to the house, which left them pointing directly out to your neighbours, instead of keeping the sound where it should be, in your backyard. With the new hi-fi, weatherproof speakers, they can be hidden within your plants, on the outer edges of your yard, pointing inwards to your area instead of the neighbours! This keeps the noise down for the neighbours while ensuring you get to enjoy your music and entertainment in your own backyard. Even the subwoofers can be hidden in the garden so that you can enjoy the beauty and aesthetics of your garden, without the appearance of any of the sound system components. This can be especially nice for those who would rather not have multiple visible speakers all over the yard.

Another added bonus is that they are completely weatherproof systems now. You don’t have to worry about bringing them in should it rain, or having to ensure they are properly covered should the clouds start to roll in. Instead, when you run for cover from the weather, you can rest assured that your sound system will be safe and sound.

Your speakers can also be fully integrated into your home automation system, making them completely controlled by the same app that manages everything else in your home. A few clicks on the app can change which speakers are on or off, the sound level, the levels of the subwoofer and more. Find out more about controlling your smart home from your tablet or phone.

Concerned about the cost, or how many speakers you need for your yard? Don’t worry, the newest sound systems allow you to add more speakers or even the subwoofer down the road. You can always start out with just a few hi-fi speakers, and add more if you feel the space needs it! No need to have everything installed at once. Test things out and go from there.

When you are ready to get your sound-system designed and ready to go, our team and McCormick Concepts would be happy to help you develop and install the system of your choosing, or help you decide which one would be right for your backyard. What are you waiting for?

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