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Over the last couple of years, smart home technology has gone from being something most commonly seen in Science Fiction, to becoming a fully utilised part of our day-to-day reality. With the rise of wireless networks and accessible technology, it is now possible to control almost every feature of your home through a device such as your phone, tablet, and/or computer. While some of the aspects of your home that can be controlled remotely seem obvious, such as lighting, appliances, and the thermostat, others are less apparent.

One of the features of smart home technologies is the use of smart home systems to remotely control the security of your house. If you’re not familiar with smart home integration, this might seem ludicrous. However, gone are the days of bulky key sets, you can now lock your home with the touch of a button! It really is that easy.

Let’s look at the advantages


The benefits of home automation are numerous, and this is especially true in the case with smart locks. Generally, how these locks work is either a new smart lock is installed in place of the old one. Alternatively, a device is fitted onto the turning mechanism of the lock on the inside of the door. Meaning that it’s now possible to turn your normal locks into smart locks with a relatively cheap device. 

Remote Access and Security

You can then control the locks to your doors from anywhere that you have access to the application associated with your home system. You can also set the locks to open when your phone is nearby or program the locks to respond to a certain knocking pattern on your door. If you have cameras at your door, you can monitor who is there, and let people in, even if you aren’t at home yourself.


One of the first responses to this is often a sense of trepidation. If the locks are accessible from a device, doesn’t that make them hackable? The answer is that while it would be theoretically possible to hack a smart lock or a smart home in general, the producers of these products are aware of these risks. They have created military-level encryptions to guarantee that your home is secure from digital threats.

So, while concern about the vulnerability of wirelessly accessible home security systems is a valid one, it’s also one that has been thoroughly addressed by the creators of the technology, and as such is not really a concern. That said, it’s important that you find a company that can assure you of the quality of their encryption to give yourself peace of mind.As we can see, there are a lot of benefits and conveniences that come with smart locks, and smart home technology in general. As homes become more integrated, every aspect will soon be remotely controllable, with locks simply being one more of the many home features that have already become integrated. If you are perpetually forgetting or losing your keys, or would simply like to join the smart home revolution that is sweeping through modern housing, smart locks are a wonderful technology to consider.