Eliminate Wifi Dead Spots

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So you have built or bought a beautiful home and settled in.  You have the perfect décor, the perfect view, the perfect furniture, only to realise, your Wifi is non-existing or spotty in areas throughout your home.  McCormick Concepts has a solution to help fix the Wifi dead spots.  We use a networking technology that is wireless that allows the internet to run seamlessly throughout the home without the need for cabling.  This technology is called a mesh network. 

So what is a mesh network? Normally a Wifi network in your home works by having a Wifi router and modem sitting in one spot. This then projects a Wifi signal in a certain radius around itself and allows your devices to connect to the internet.  However, what happens when you get on the fringes of that radius? Wifi Deadspots!

In a mesh network, there is one main router that plugs into your internet modem.  There are other access points/hubs that you can place throughout the house, increasing the range of the Wifi signal.  The best thing about a mesh networking it is doesn’t rely on cabling.  We can connect multiple access points without wires throughout, which is why is ideal for existing homes.  Other practical uses would be where it is difficult to run Ethernet cable, and outdoor applications, or any location that would be too costly to run the cabling.  The end result is seamless, ultra-reliable Wifi network throughout your home in a very cost-effective way. 

Have Wifi dead spots in your home? Call us today 1300 795 469 or email sales@mccormickconcepts.com.au to see if a mesh network is right for you.

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