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Let’s face it, the current trends show everything headed in a wireless direction, and who could blame them? Gone are the days of masses of uncontrolled wiring behind television sets and all over the place. Now you can have multiple items controlled easily, without the hassle and headache of wires. This, of course, includes fully integrated wireless home automation systems.

With simple voice controls you can set up the theatre room, automatically close the blinds, have the television or projector appear, and even change the lighting in the room! This can save you time and makes for a pretty impressive setup, your guests will be blown away! Additionally, when you are simply needing to relax at the end of the day and just want the option to walk in, sit down and settle in for the evening. A voice controlled system will do it all for you, and you don’t have to lift a finger. Too good to be true, right? Well with McCormick Concepts this dream has become a reality.

In addition to that, the wireless systems can prevent the dreaded Wi-Fi blackout spots that commonly occur within a home. By having a series of wi-fi boosters throughout the home, allowing computers, tablets, phones and more to quickly connect to the strongest access point, and prevent loss of signals no matter where you go throughout your home. This alleviates common problems like dead-zones that tend to exist in basements or the further away you get from the main system. Best of all, like the voice control systems, these also exist on a wireless set-up. No unsightly wires running everywhere.

Security systems are also now set up wirelessly. This prevents issues that existed in the past where someone could just cut the wiring to the security system to bypass it. Now it is all safe and secure without wires. Which also allows you to access your system whether you are home or not. Check who is at your front door from your computer at work, or your cell phone. No longer are you tied to the monitors based in the home. As well as unlimited access from anywhere, you can also ensure the safety of your children, by being able to see exactly what they are up to whether or not you are present. If your children forget their keys to get in the door, a few simple clicks on the app and they are in and safe without you having to leave work early!

Speaking of children, the wireless home automation also makes it easier to manage parental controls. Is time up on their electronics? You can kill the signal to their electronic and turn the internet access off. Set it up so that they don’t have access during hours they shouldn’t and more. Let face it, in this digital world it often feels like we are losing control, but with smart homes and parental controls you can have plenty of freedom, but also remain in control.

When you are ready to step into the world of wireless home automation, go with Australia’s company of choice, McCormick Concepts and see how we can create the perfect wireless system for you. Visit us in store or contact us today at 1300 795 469