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Even though we offer high-end, fully integrated home theatre systems, we also provide services to integrate existing technology into a media experience that makes everything easier and more streamlined for users at home. One of the most common questions we receive comes from people who already have PCs or laptops in their home and want to know how they can use them in a media room environment. This usually leads to the question: can you connect a home theatre system to PC? Our short answer is: yes, you can!

Creating a Media Room like No Other

Home cinemas, home theatres and media rooms have all become very popular in recent years. We have actually seen a surge in interest for these kinds of home set-ups in the last few years. We attribute a lot of this to falling prices of high-quality media, media players and connected devices. Alongside this decrease in prices, the quality of software, such as Plex, that connects existing digital audio and video solutions on a PC hard drive to home theatre systems has made even simple media rooms in the home possible for the average homeowner. We’re here to take advantage of these developments in technology and help all of our customers create the best audio-visual experience in the home possible.

It’s important to understand that one does not have to invest lots of money into a full home theatre set-up. In fact, if existing hardware and media already exist in the home that is compatible, we can offer a service to integrate it into a media room experience that is affordable. We actually encourage our customers to do this and assess what technology already exists in the home and balance it against what the customer wants to achieve.

Not everyone needs a full home theatre set-up. In fact, we can create a media room that features quality visuals and surround sound for much less than the cost of a full home theatre system from many other vendors. By integrating existing technologies in the home, including DVD players, Blu-Ray players, game consoles, PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablets, we can create a media room that is easy to use and energy efficient.

Connections Are the Key

If you already have a library of great movies and a PC or laptop, we can connect it to a modest home theatre system and flat screen TV to create an audio and visual experience that would satisfy most. What we offer is a way to streamline existing systems and integrate it with hardware and software solutions that make using the whole system very simple and easy to understand. In fact, we’d even go so far as to say that our media room and home theatre system solutions are intuitive!

By integrating existing hardware in the home, we save our customers money and make our services affordable. With the proliferation of great technology on the market that allows the connection of media throughout the home, there is no reason not to explore it!