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When most people think of a home stereo system, they usually think of the one that was installed in their parent’s lounge room when they were growing up. Typically, this might have consisted of a big old record player and wooden speakers. If the system was especially expensive, it might have been a quadrophonic system with separate units for cassette play and amplification.

In many homes, this was the ultimate home audio set up throughout the 70s, 80s, and even the 90s! With the advent of the smartphone, the internet, and advances in audio technology, the old vision of the home stereo system is quite firmly a thing of the past. As cool and nostalgic as these old systems were, they don’t even come close to delivering the audio fidelity that today’s systems can.

A New World Of Audio Fidelity And Control

Here at McCormick Concepts, we believe in the power of technology to transform the way we live and entertain. When you walk into our store, you’ll find a range of high-end premium audio systems that offer a wide range of possibilities. Here are just some of the benefits these systems can offer you:

  • Transformation: If you’ve ever wanted music piped throughout your home, we can offer you that! Once the dream of the rich and famous, or at least the very wealthy, a high fidelity audio system doesn’t just have to be restricted to one room and one space. Our multi-zone audio systems can be installed throughout a home and enjoyed anywhere you are.
  • Ultimate control: Piping music discretely throughout a home is one thing, but being able to control where it plays and at what volume at the touch of a screen or a button makes it a true surround sound experience. Our home audio systems introduce the concept of being able to control where the music plays using an innovative multi-zoned system that can be controlled from a control panel or an application on a smartphone or iPad. In fact, you can even listen to different music in different parts of the home! This makes perfect sense if you have teenagers in the home who want to listen to their own racket while you relax somewhere else.
  • Aesthetics: Those old wooden speaker systems from the 80s we spoke about earlier might have looked impressive in a vintage way, but they didn’t offer much in the way of aesthetic options. By contrast, modern home audio systems come in a range of styles. If you want your speakers discretely set into a wall, we can do that. If you want a system that can play music in an outdoor entertainment area, we can even set up weatherproof speakers that will stand up to the elements. We can even install them in the ceiling so that they are out of the way.

We believe that our home audio systems offer the very best in control and aesthetics. We can tailor a system that suits your home, your needs and your budgets, so why not pop in to see us today and have a chat? We’ll be more than happy to discuss options with you.