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We hear lots these days about sound business principals. But hey, here’s a new one – what about principal sound in your business?!

Commercial audiovisual solutions are an integral part of modern business methods. And today’s media room designs are taking this type of communication to the next level. These are rooms that are modern, sophisticated, yet stunningly simple to use…

As technology evolves and business becomes more competitive, it’s essential to stay abreast of the pack. And the ability to connect virtually between two or more physical locations is no longer a luxury, it’s essential. In fact, innovative visual and audio communication systems have made it possible to interact with customers and team members on opposite sides of the globe. The results are seen in decreased travel costs, increased efficiency and smooth business operations.

Enhance Teamwork

Behind every great business is a great team. And that great team must have great communication. However, that doesn’t mean that all team members must be physically in the room together to hold a brainstorming session or management meeting. In fact, many great teams employ the expertise of personnel from all around the globe, so the logistics of having everyone together is next to impossible. The answer? Video conferencing. This allows team members to collaborate as a team, regardless of where they are actually located.
Staff training made simple

Staff training is a top priority for every successful business owner. And, truth be known, hiring the trainer is the easy bit of the job – the real challenge is getting the whole team together at one time to participate in the training. Nowadays, this challenge can be overcome using video conferencing. We all know that interactive learning is essential for top results, so, with this factor in mind, high definition video and excellent audio are essential if you are to get maximum gain from your training.

‘Wow’ Factor

Need to impress? There’s no doubt about it, there are times when you need to impress and ‘wow’ your customers or suppliers. And a modern, state-of-the-art media room is the way to do it. It shows your business affiliates that you are a vibrant, engaged and up-to-date business that is embracing modern technology and keeping up with the times.

Whether its a boardroom, brainstorming room, training room or entertainment area, video and audio systems can be tailored to suit your businesses individual needs. And, because you can control it from one central app, the whole system just got that much simpler! With the touch of a screen, you can dim lights, turn on screens, open or shut window furnishings and control volume. It’s that easy!

At McCormick Concepts, we understand media room designs and the need for excellent audio and video systems in the corporate world. Call us today on 1300 795 469 and discuss your needs – let’s take your business up a notch!