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One common area that really frustrates most homeowners is just how many cables and remote controls they need to deal with when it comes to sitting down and watching their favourite TV series or movie. We’ve all had to dive for the remote control when a TV show is on only to find that it is the wrong one! Or we have had to plug in new cables just to watch a movie on DVD because we have so many game consoles and other hardware lying around taking up space. Before having a home theatre system installed by us, lots of customers ask us: are surround sound systems wireless

A Clutter Free Life

One of the things that we try and do is actually create more physical space by simplifying connections between devices. The way that we do this varies for each service that we perform, but we usually follow these processes:

  • Remotes: There’s no reason to have a dozen remote controls sitting around the room when you can use a single universal remote. We’ve probably all seen cheap universal remotes from the shops, but we only deal with quality manufacturers that engineer programmable devices. By using one single remote to control all of your media sources, you save space and the headache associated with “too many remotes” syndrome.
  • Cables and wires: We haven’t quite reached the point yet where we can offer completely wireless home theatre services for every single hardware device, but by enabling control from a single integrated programmable remote, and offering our customers a touchscreen control experience that is easy and intuitive to use, we actually cut out a lot of cable clutter. The other solution that is becoming more popular is using Bluetooth technology as a way to create a truly wireless solution in a media setting. Even though it has limitations, in a smallish room it can provide a satisfying wireless experience.

The Beauty of a Universal Remote

The universal remotes that we offer are different to the run of the mill remotes that you might have seen sitting on shop shelves. What we offer are universal remotes that are programmable. This means that our experts can customise them to just about any media setting you like. Want to control your TV and DVD player from one remote? That’s easy! Do you want to be able to control your Bluetooth devices? That’s easy too! Wouldn’t it also be good if you could control a multi-room audio system and lighting throughout the home? We can even do that for you!

We can even program the remote so that it automatically downloads cover art for the music album you’re playing or the weather for the rest of the week. The age of information has truly provided us with some outstanding benefits, and we are here to fully implement all that it has to offer in a surround sound and home theatre solution for your home. We can only see the technology getting better and better, and the connections becoming smarter.