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We’re always happy to answer customer enquiries, but the one question that seems to come up more than any others is: are home theatre systems good for music? Of course, we’re always going to say that they are! After all, we’re passionate about what we do, and we think that recent developments on what can be done with a quality home audio system make them second to none in terms of sound quality and experience.

There have been so many advancements in the world of audio in recent years that it’s hard to identify just one. If we were pushed to name one significant technology that has really changed the face of home audio and theatre systems, we’d definitely say that the rapid development in software has changed what can be done in a home setting.

Streamed Music throughout Your Home

Our customers can now control their entire home audio and home theatre system at the touch of a screen! Wi-Fi technology has made it possible to control settings from anywhere in the home and has really introduced the idea of a premium quality system at affordable prices to homeowners everywhere.

It is possible, through an application on a smartphone or tablet, to control lighting, volume, streaming digital music services and a huge range of other settings! This means no more remotes getting lost behind the couch; no more shuffling through drawers to find the right remote, and no more plugging and unplugging cables! Can you imagine being able to play pristine 24 bit, 96 Khz quality digital music throughout your home at the touch of a phone screen? By integrating all systems in the home and automating them, we can provide an experience like no other.

As Blu-Ray players have come down in price, and pristine digital music has become the norm, we have evolved to offer integrated hardware and software solutions that take advantage of this new digital clarity and quality. For audiophiles and those interested in a three dimensional experience, consider one of our 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound systems. Not only will movies on new digital media sound great, but music will also sound better than ever. Our speakers are solid, reliable, and fully integrated with existing analogue connections and digital services.

Turn To the Experts

Though we love new audio and visual technologies, introducing the concept of home theatre systems to every day homeowners can be complex, we understand that all of the digital technology available in today’s world can be pretty daunting to most people. This is why we always encourage people to ask questions. There’s no point in paying for a state of the art home theatre and surround sound system if you don’t at least understand some of the underlying technologies behind it. And at McCormicks Concepts we can help simplify some of the technological jargon and eliminate the pressure that can be associated with choosing the right sound system for your home.

The world of audio and video has changed so quickly in recent years that it’s important for us to take advantage of all of the advances in clarity and quality by offering systems that are energy efficient, state of the art, integrated, and yet still allow the everyday user to control complex settings easily and quickly.