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Surround sound is one of those audio technologies that has been discussed for years it would seem. The advent of DVDs really started all of the chatter about 5.1 surround sound systems and even 7.1 systems. People have since become used to this technology but are looking for new ways to use it as part of an existing entertainment or cinema room, or even as part of a hook-up to a home cinema system based on a computer server and a broadband internet connection! So rapid is the movement of new technology!

Technology Is Our Life

Fortunately, we love all of this new audio and video technology here at McCormick Concepts. Our stock in trade is premium quality surround sound systems, home theatre systems, home cinema rooms, and integration with an automation system that provides full control in the palm of the hand through the wonders of custom software solutions! Here’s what you can expect from one of our custom built home theatre systems:
  • Sonic clarity: Advances in acoustic science and speaker systems mean that you’ll enjoy the benefits of enhanced sound and amazing clarity. You’ll be able to hear every bone-crunching fist, every instrument in the orchestra, and every piece of dramatic dialogue. High definition sound is not truly HD until you’ve heard it through one of our custom audio configurations. We can also install the latest in wireless surround sound if a cabled solution is simply not possible.
  • Soundstage: Audiophiles often talk enthusiastically about the concept of a soundstage. With one of our home theatre systems, you’ll experience a super wide soundstage. In fact, it will be so wide that if you put on a Johnny Farnham concert Blu-Ray, you’ll feel like you’re in the audience and can reach out and touch Farnsy himself!

Sourcing The Best Tech For You

You could very easily go to a cheap shop in the local mall somewhere and buy yourself a cheap surround sound system in a box, but we think you’d really be missing the experience. There are heaps of sound systems out there, but not too many of them are able to put on a good performance in real life.

By contrast, we source only premium quality sound system brands from our suppliers and understand how they all work. The beauty of this is that the quality of the hardware will perfectly match the quality of the audio you hear. Top-notch sound quality requires top-notch hardware so that it can reproduce every note, every sound, and every piece of dialogue accurately. You might be able to save yourself a little money by grabbing a box of speakers from the nearest cheap shop, but you won’t get anywhere near the same sound quality out of it!

The idea behind McCormick Concepts, and the philosophy that drives us every day is providing quality audio and video solutions of the future for our customers today. We believe that home automation, and top quality energy efficient audio and video systems represent our entertainment and lifestyle future. We’re already on board that train. Do you want to hop aboard too?